Love leads us. One family company.

Calinachi.Cosmetics – we have never told the story of our family company. This article will be personal and honest – as our company is. Because love leads us. Love for family, for life, for people, for beauty and harmony, for the world around us. We created Calinachi with love, love is encoded in its name – we named it after our first-born daughter Kalina.

We are Alexandra and Todor. Until a few years ago, we were walking through the wilds of the corporate world. If we have to introduce ourselves according to his protocol – Alexandra, a marketer by education, with previous experience as a manager in an international company and Todor – a lawyer.

Beyond the clichés and titles, beyond the curated image from the business cards, we are Alexandra and Todor, parents of Kalina and Gabriela and in 2019 we created our family company with love and care because we wanted to work together, in the future to work with our daughters . Out of the trap of settled office comfort. Today we work no less than before, but we do it with a clear consciousness, with the conviction that these are hours of work invested in our family and children. With the faith and peace of mind that we are creating something with them and for them. We have the happiness, the chance and the privilege to be with them as they grow. Incomparable emotion, sense of thought, meaning, care, love, continuity.

The products we create are maximally clean. They do not contain aggressive ingredients. They do not contain alcohol, parabens, petroleum derivatives. The formulas are made on the basis of natural ingredients for maximum effect and high quality. And again – beyond labels, leaflets and dry statistics – we want everything we create to be of the highest quality, to be in harmony with nature, to have value, because our main incentive is family and children. We should not allow ourselves to compromise on quality because we cannot expose ourselves to our children. We don’t want that to be the example we set for them. Because “love leads us.”


Innovative and balanced formulas

Carefully selected natural ingredients, Highly effective saturation, with fast results!


To every creature!

No animal testing!


No Parabens/Silicones!

With caring and gentle components, in harmony with nature!


Maximum clean formulas!

In line with all modern trends and innovations!


on your needs

Our products are created with love and high precision to always be at a high level!


beauty and harmony

With care for us people, the vitality and harmony of our bodies!

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